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To insure that you have greatest level of service and quality, to perform linear and non-linear static and dynamic analyses of piping systems, to study a wide range of loads, Mechalab has reached the state of the art of Tools and Cloud Computing Resources.

Contact us at : info@mechalab.co.uk, send us your CAD in any format, send us your notes - Before you are required to pay for an analysis, you will be told accurately about the safety and the reliability of your design.

  • Design, Manufacturing & Quality Assurance

Combined with the state of the Art of  the Technology and Software, one of the main reference of the company for Designing and Manufacturing is an oversea Milk Powder Factory -

Mechalab Limited has designed and manufactured a steel roof specially for the factory and its specification, offers it as rental agreement with the Milk Powder Manaufacturer, so that Maintenance, parts replacements and customization can be included into a long term relationship.

Figure 1. A Milk Powder Factory Designed and Manufactured by Mechalab Limited - 2012



Kazasthan Caspian Offshore Industries

KCOI is the owner of land plot of 88 hectares located 27 km north of Aktau City.                 




Hitachi Plant Technologies Ltd

      United Arab Emirates - Dubai






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