• OpenFoam-2.3xx is an open source software for computational Fluid Dynamics

The following Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models illustrate flow patterns, velocity, temperature, gas/liquid distributions, droplet trajectories, internal system pressure and more.

The models can precisely predict spray performance.

Figure 1. alpha_air This is a simulation of a discharge of a fluid into a nozzle. The fluid studied is the air and the simulation illustrates the velocity, turbulence intensity and turbulence energy dissipation. A popular matching example is the spray nozzle.

Figure 1. alpha_air

Figure 2.alpha_particles

Liquid properties, nozzle capacity, spraying pressure and spray angle also affect drop size.

Conversely, higher spraying pressures yield smaller drop sizes.

Within each type of spray pattern, the smallest capacities produce the largest srpay drops.

It is illustrated in Figure 2.alpha_particles.


Figure 2. alphaparticles

For a small fee, you can download in Pdf Format a report on SprayFoam Case with OpenFoam-2.3-xx.
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