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The following CFD models showcase the airflow and the temperature inside a Spray Drying Chamber. The initial condition is that : A Spray Dryer equiped with pressure nozzles at its top (the pressure nozzle is served by a pipeline after a perilstatic pump has sent the viscous liquid towards it). The Spray Dryer is part of a Milk Powder Factory, manufacturing Whole Milk Powder and Infant Milk Powder.

The models can precisely predict the spray drying performance and be the masterpiece of a successful company.

Figure 1. Stickiness of the powder

In order to study the stickniness of the powder being producing inside the spray drying chamber, we must study the Turbulence Intensity and the Turbulence Kinetic Energy.

Figure 1. Data of reference : Dr A. GIANFRANCESCO - AgroParisTech


Figure 2. Data of Reference : Dr F. G. Kieviet- Modelling Quality in Spray Drying - University of Copenhagen

In this latest videos, you can see what it looks like through a Laboratory Spray Dryer.  

Figure 3. Lab Spray dryer in operation

For a small fee, you can download in Pdf Format a report on this Spray drying Case with Autodesk Simulation CFD.
You will also have the industry comparison in a wide range of applications such as spray drying of Milk, Coatings, Spraying ingredients on foods etc..
The report is 4-pages and videos are in total of 5.


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