• Autodesk Simulation Multiphysics 2015 can help tremendously to complete a Task of Analysing and Simulating a new building in Steel or in concrete

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This model is set to simulate an explosive environnement, and in this case, the event of a fire in the middle of the building. The study aims at the distance of elements' displacement and the Von Mises stress. The analysis is made with the entire steel structure. It's followed by the Safety Factor Analysis Criteria and the Entire Design Optimization for Safety and Reliability.

The models can precisely predict the safety and the reliability of a building.

Figure 1. Steel Structure Analysis

Figure 1. Steel Structure Analysis - Mechalab Simulation Channel


Figure 2. A cleat 90 degrees, very frequently used in steel structures.

In this latest videos, you can see what a strut looks like when It is 8.00mm Thickness and under a Traction Force over 2000N (more than 200.00 kg)  

Figure 3. A Strut


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